Monday, September 3, 2007

Ethnic Marketing: tá siad ag teacht

The ESRI have once again done marketers a service (unintentionally) by publishing a study on the income status of immigrants to Ireland. Though most of what the ESRI focuses on relates to issues of income inequality and relative poverty (their regular beat), the findings have relevance to Irish marketers looking to reach the rapidly expanding foreign national market.

Table 3 in the study reveals something very interesting: it turns out that fewer than 1 in 5 or 18.4% of native Irish members of the labour force have a third level degree or above, but this rises to over 2 in 5 or 43.5% of immigrant members of the labour force. The level of educational attainment among immigrants is actually more than twice the average for Irish nationals.

Worth thinking about: maybe all those efforts to diligently translate advertising copy into Polish, Chinese, Lithuanian etc are in vain. With that level of educational attainment it wouldn't be surprising if our foreign national workers eventually become more conversant as gaeilge than the host population before too long ...

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