Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Really, Really Important Forecast

I am very interested in forecasts, and I came across one recently that got my undivided attention: a forecast of what age I will be when I die. Yes, that's a forecast we all have a personal interest in. The internet, as ever, provides us with a (partial) answer. An American insurance company has created The Longevity Game to enable you to come up with the answer (some of the questions are a bit US-centric, but bear with it). In my case the answer is 82: and I'm cool with that - that's over three decades away and they're bound to come up with all sorts of pills and technology to keep me going further by then! Sadly, the forecast does not provide the exact time and location for said demise, a pity as I could arrange to be somewhere else ...

Of course, I might be happy enough to take off the gloves at 82, as someone once said: everyone wants to live for ever, but nobody wants to grow old. Mind you, by then 80 might be the new 50.

On a more optimistic note, though I'm still on the right side of 50 it seems I have yet to reach my peak in terms of financial sophistication (and, presumably, financial success). New research says the peak age in financial sophistication is 53 - now there's something to look forward to.

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