Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Joy of Quirkology

The latest podcast from Point of Inquiry features an interview with psychologist and magician Richard Wiseman. He has written a number of books on social psychology and the ways in which people see - and often don't see - the world around them.

You can check out his main web site here, but do go to the website for his new book 'Quirkology - the Curious Science of Everyday Lives' which addresses a lot of issues in relation to neuro-economics and social psychology that I have written about elsewhere on this blog. There are lots of 'quirky' insights into what makes people tick - and they are not just relevant to marketers.

For example, if you are in the charity business take note of his findings that red-coloured collection boxes are much more effective than any other colour in terms of amounts given; and better to advertise on your collection box that 'every cent helps' rather than 'every euro helps' as the latter makes people feel mean, so they don't give anything!

Wiseman's Quirkology website has some great content, in particular, click on 'The Videos' link and check out 'The Colour-Changing Card Trick'. I promise you'll want to go back and look at it again! Over 3 million viewers on YouTube can't be wrong ...

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