Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa vs. Politics

Christmas isn't Christmas without earnest press articles condemning the 'crass commercialism' of it all. I've written in praise of consumerism before, but I take my hat off to Don Boudreaux over at Cafe Hayek who has this to say about the Christmas commercialism backlash:

I challenge this notion. Commerce is peaceful. It involves sellers working hard and taking risks to bring to market goods and services that consumers want to buy. No one forces anyone to do anything; all is voluntary.

What truly is crass is politics - that sorry spectacle of power-seeking ego-maniacs who, when not pronouncing platitudes, are promising to help group A by picking the pockets of group B. While commerce is honest, politics is duplicitous. While commerce is peaceful, politics inevitably pits citizen against citizen. Far more enlightened and ethical behavior is on display during any one day in a shopping mall than the most intrepid observer will find in a century on Pennsylvania Avenue.
So go shop - you'll be doing more for peace and good will to all men than any gathering of politicians ever will.

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  1. I brought attention to the Objectivist view of Christmas over at the Irish Liberty Forum:


    I'm really glad to have found your blog. You'd be very welcome to join us in the forum for a chat on liberty/libertarianism. Might see you around!


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