Friday, March 21, 2008

All Innovation is Local

I've blogged before about innovation and cool inventions. So it's nice to have a cool, Irish innovation to write about for a change. It's called TICode and it fuses the web, networks and Web 2.0 in one of the smartest formats I've seen in a while.

The way I see it, TICodes will enable web and ultimately mobile users to a) never be lost again and b) never have to give directions again. Kind of handy that. But the really interesting stuff is the range of applications that I can't foresee - but others will. Just look at some of the applications from around the world that are using the power of GPS, mobiles and detailed mapping information to do things such as real world gaming; or even calculating the walkscore for how far it is to walk to different amenities from a house or apartment you are thinking of buying or renting.

The two dimensional world of the screen you are looking at is about to go 3D, thanks to your mobile phone and innovations such as TICode. Another example of how Ireland can use our natural born networking skills to seize the opportunities of Web 2.0 and beyond.

Here's my TICode, by the way. What's yours?


  1. In the UK this is called a postcode

  2. And in Ireland it is now called a PON Code

  3. Seems Ticode is nothing but a joke after all. Someone can have a Ticode which is "Wanker" - see here:

  4. So there you go - as I projected - a National Post Code system was supposed to be introduced by Jan 2008. I have spent the last few hours searching through the budget estimates for 2009 as announced today and there is no apparant allocation for a National Post Code system in 2009 either. In fact, the Dept Of Comms budget in 2009 will be down by 13% - so definitely no obvious provision for the capital cost of a National System or for the compensatory costs suggested for An Post.
    Outline capital estimates for 2010, also published today, show no obvious allocations either. In fact, as far as I can see, the last official (Government or Departmental) mention of a National Post Code system was in the Green Party statement on the programme for Government last December (2007). Looks like proposals for a National Post Code system have been well and truly shelved for now!

    Just as well PON codes are in place - they do not require millions of capital expenditure to establish and they are ready to use..... and - at no cost to the state!

  5. Seems PON code is also nothing but a joke after all. Someone can have a PON code which is PISS1NG - see here: for other examples.

  6. PON Codes cannot spell words as suggested in the last post - the 4th and 5th characters are always numbers, there is no letter "I" in the code and there is a space between the 3rd and 4th characters.

    The last anonymous post is nothing but deliberate misinformation

  7. Interesting competition between the two codes.

    Some points I have noted:

    Ti-code has no predictable characters and therefore it can be either all numbers or all letters or a combination of both. A sorting machine will not be able to tell if the code is a Post Code or just a Ref Number, a place name or even a telephone number....!
    I note the thread at referred to in an earlier post that someone declared the problems with Ti-codes spelling phrases resolved with a Ti-code re launch on 10th Jan 2009 last. However I note that the Ti-codes can still have phrases which include words such as "RAPE" and "FART". I cannot take this seriously and it is pretty unbelievable for an effort by a bulk mail marketing company

  8. Its unbelieveable - Ti-Code has changed again! Just noticed that my code changed again this weekend - the second time in 1 month!

  9. I am grateful for the praise I got on the ticode website recently - "(Big thank you to Delphic on the boards.)" - especially since I was just highlighting how ridiculous their code was and here's what I said on back in January -.....

    Delphic Said: "have a look at the WEB S1TE - - that gives out the unusual names. love some of them. My favourite is C0W PAT5 which is right in the middle of a field - very accurate! Why don't we have some of these? You could have some vanity/funny ones for sale - B1G DAWG, THE 5K1D, MRS R1CH, ALL FA1R, THE BE5T, CAS TLEG. The politicians would love it - HAW HEES, BER T1E1, G1L M0RE, SIN FE1N. Just put them over the right spot and you're LAU GHIN. You could make a FOR TUNE. Just don't sell or give out the ones that might cause 0FF ENCE."

    Delphic Now Says - they are now talking about having to pay for these silly names and creating and maintaining databases........ "The new site will have some more registered services along with the current batch conversion and database coding ones. Navigation and codes for individuals will remain free of charge".........

    all this must be for their parent company - Tico Group - which specialises in Bulk Mail and Direct Marketing - it was just funny - now its a joke - says Delphic!

  10. PON now released as Loc8 at with full support of Garmin


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