Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're A Start-Up

I was delighted for Patrick and John Collison when I heard about the successful sale of their company. It is another great example of the how the Irish genius for networking the networks can create wealth.

Better still, it should inspire other teenagers to use their talents, energy and ambition to build their dreams: the internet represents the democratization of opportunity. And so far it seems to be doing a better job for many of our young men than the Irish education system. Maybe we should outsource the job to Google, Bebo and eBay?

Better still, the success of the Collison brothers might even inspire parents of teenagers to see beyond the usual, negative media depictions of modern teenagers. It has this one ...


  1. while this is a great story i am somewhat bothered by the fact that it has been reported in the Irish media as if it was just the two irish lads on their own. In reality there are 6 guys at the company with a variety of international names. Worth a look at the website - they all have blogs (natch!) and its an insight into the borderless new economy that myself and yourself will never truely get

  2. Great Donal - I hadn't caught that fact myself. In fact, there's a great blog page introducing the six guys here:

    I feel old ... ;-)


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