Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Designer Futures

I'm afraid I'm turning into one of those slightly fanatical Mac users that goes on and on about how great the design is etc. And I'm an even bigger fan of Steve Jobs, who is one of the very few business leaders whose leadership actually makes a significant positive difference to the success of the businesses he runs. But what really inspires me about the guy is his passion for design, as the quote above suggests (from InspireUX). Jobs - and Apple - have turned this into a way of doing business that really does buck the trend. And for an inspiring insight into Jobs the man, see his famous commencement speech at Stanford.

Design is at the heart of innovation, and innovation will be at the heart of Ireland's future success. I hope we have a few home grown Steve Jobs delivering our designer future.

Postscript - yet another delightful example of the interface between technology, design and play (not from Apple!):

Multitouch Crayon Physics from multitouch-barcelona on Vimeo.

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