We need a period of reflection. Concocting a text that was deliberately incomprehensible with the explicit purpose of befuddling citizens was the wrong approach. It was too high-handed by half. Instead, we must rekindle our idealism, draft a coherent text the man and woman in the street can understand, and politely ask them to rally round. Scaremongering, putting a gun to their heads doesn’t work. I know.

CYNICISM only breeds cynicism. The majority of Irish voters did not believe there would be “dire consequences” arising from a no vote; nor did my senior ministers. Were the Danes isolated? Were the Swedes when they decided not to join the euro? On the contrary, Irish voters noticed that no votes in the recent past have delivered fundamental renegotiation.

So, there are questions, but there is not chaos. The damage done is not fatal. To listen to some colleagues’ rhetoric you would imagine another iron curtain had been drawn across our continent. Besides, enlargement has not gummed up our processes as some predicted. We need to listen more, not just go through the motions. We need a people’s Europe, not pretend it’s Europe v The People.
It's good advice, I hope he takes it. And, eh, maybe we don't send Dustin next year ...?