Thursday, September 4, 2008

Education 2.0

The ink is barely dry on my post proposing the Department of Education gives every school child in the country an Amazon Kindle when I learn that something similar is already happening. Today's Irish Times carries a story that students at Caritas College in Ballyfermot have been given Iliad e-ink pads from iRex in the Netherlands.

It isn't clear if this is a Department initiative or a private initiative by Caritas College, Gill & Macmillan and iRex (and more power to them if it's the latter). If it is the former: why just one college, and why just one technology platform - ideally we need to trial multiple schools, platforms and age groups: quickly. Forget third level fees (nobody will decide anything on that until safely after the next general election), here's a chance to do something for our children and our future economic well-being in one fell swoop.

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