Friday, September 19, 2008

Mapping Education's Future

You can imagine my excitement when I came across the Map of Future Forces Affecting Education from KnowledgeWorks Foundation and the Institute for the Future. Three of my favourite topics - maps, education and the future - in one location!

Seriously though, this is a brilliant example of clear thinking about a hugely important topic communicated using the best of the web's tools. Unlike the increasingly embarrassing effort at a debate about third level fees in our own country ...

Here's a guide to using the Map of the Future - I urge you to have a look and to play with the tools they make available:


  1. Thanks for such a glowing report! We're rolling out the new version of the Map in 2009 - we hope it's even more exciting to you and your readers!

    - Eric Grant
    - KnowledgeWorks Foundation

  2. Also relevant...

  3. Thanks for that link Thriftcriminal - that's a great talk by Ken Robinson. I wonder what is views are on third level fees ... ;-)


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