Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life As A Soundtrack

I mentioned Bloom in a recent post - a kind of DIY ambient music-making app which uses the touch features of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now RJDJ goes even further - turning the sounds and movements in your immediate environment into a soundtrack for your daily life. It only works with the iPhone unfortunately (which has a built-in mike, unlike the iPod Touch). So I haven't tried it out myself (unlike Bloom).

But do check it out for yourself (it's a long video, but gets really interesting after 3-4 minutes) - I think the emerging 'app economy' is going to be awesome, with big opportunities for Irish developers:

1 comment:

  1. Gerard
    RJDJ is cool
    and at another level it is interesting to watch user-generated apps emerge for the iPhone. This app. seems particularly suited to the IPOD generation you mentioned in an earlier post, but am I being a curmudgeon or is it going to tether us more hermetically to our Apples, playing with... ourselves?


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