Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Report Away from a Decision

I've just scanned the report of the Task Force on the Public Service called Transforming Public Services: Citizen Centred - Performance Focused. It's a fifty page long essay, mostly comprising management speak. All the buzzwords are there: transformation; integration; performance; engagement; flexibility; platitudes (okay, I made that last one up).

The words I was looking for don't figure as often, words like: cost/s get 15 mentions; or redundancy gets 3 mentions. Recruitment gets 7 mentions by the way. This is out of 21,000 and more words. The image is a tag cloud I created using the text of the report (first converting the pdf to a text file) and then dropped it all into the sublime Wordle facility. The words mentioned most are the largest in the cloud. Nice to see 'service' figure so large.

Still, the bottom line is that a new committee has been set up, to report in June next year, whose recommendations may (or may not) be in the budget for 2010. SO NOTHING WILL HAPPEN IN 2009. Crisis, what crisis - eh? That's assuming, of course, they don't decide to commission another report. Heck, the economy might even be back in recovery by then, in which case they'll be able to park the report along side all the others gathering dust down through the years.

Sir Humphrey would be proud:


  1. Hey excellent blog and post. Love the link to Yes, Minister!

    Gotta love the way the Government postpone making decisions dont you?

  2. Hi there, a year later & indeed v. little done. But things now beginning to hot up in run up to budget & transformation on the agenda in a big way. The mantra 'never waste a crisis' is showing signs of kickstarting some action. I've written an update in Torc Blog which you can read here in Transforming Public Services

  3. Thanks for sharing this good info!


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