Friday, December 5, 2008

The Future, Only Better

I'm a sucker for scenarios. And I'm very impressed by the latest ones I've come across called: Act Now for a Positive 2018 - from Forum for the Future (I mentioned previously the good work they're doing on climate change). Whilst the report has many of the now mandatory warnings about the environment (though ten years is rather too short a horizon for that to be an issue), it nevertheless starts by recognising all the good things that have got us to where we are: the NICE decade as they call it. And a few of the problems we're experiencing right now.

I recommend the report which is short and very readable: a great example of its kind.

It sets out four scenarios, and assesses what businesses and governments need to do in anticipation of their happening. My read: I'd love us to get to Scenario D: Me & Mine, Online but I fear we'll end up in Scenario B: National Interest.

A shame really, the future could have been so much better; just like, er, Microsoft envisage it:

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