Sunday, February 8, 2009

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the Recovery

I am writing this short post using the free wi-fi in McDonalds on Vaclavske Namesti in Prague. It is my first time in a post-Communist country (I was in Russia when it was the USSR), and I'm impressed.

Twenty years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall it is wonderful to see the prosperity, diversity and opportunity now open to the Czech people. I wish them every success - given their penchant for electing Nobel Prize winners and people with PhDs in Financial Economics as President then I think they're going to do very well for themselves. We Irish tend to look for other 'skills' in our leaders. That might explain one or two things recently ...

Anyway, I've a plane to catch so let me just point you to a brilliant initiative by the UCD Geary Institute and others called Irish Recovery. Now is time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of the Recovery. Capitalism gives us the tools to make better lives for ourselves - but we have to use them wisely. Maybe we should ask the Czechs for some advice?

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  1. Thanks Gerard - there are currently a group of us breaking the Sabbath in the Institute putting it together. It will port over to when we get it into some degree of shape. There are a substantial number of people involved outside Geary also including Steve Kinsella whose home and food I usurped last weekend in an effort to get this going. There are really exciting things going on in the world linking smart micro-focused interdisciplinary economists with people setting up ground-level initiatives in all sorts of areas. This type of stuff has been absent from our debate in Ireland and needs to starting having some sort of impact now. Basically, think optimistic, specific, scientific and solutions-focused and try to get the new type of economics working on some of these issues.

    PS Im sure your title was intended to be tongue in cheek but I would point out that some of the people who have helped so far are women also!


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