Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting Emotional

I've blogged before about the extraordinary work on 'emotional mapping' - or emotional cartography as he now calls it - by Christian Nold. It inspired me last year to work with researchers in UCD and TCD on an emotional map of Tallaght.

Christian has now edited and published a book on the different experiences of artists, neuroscientists and psychogeographers (new one on me) with the technologies he has helped develop. It's free to download - well worth a look.

I have always found maps fascinating, and to see them fused in such innovative ways with the rich world of data now available is amazing. If you share my fascination then check out Strange Maps and see how some people really do take their interests to extremes ...

But for a more down to Earth but equally inspiring example of the emotional power of maps check out the World Freedom Atlas. And count yourself blessed that you can do just that.

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