Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here's a race men look certain to win: to lose the most jobs during the recession. In the United States, 80% of all job losses have been among male employees. Men are losing jobs so quickly that women are expected to soon make up a majority of the US workforce.

The same is happening in Ireland: I extrapolated the most recent declines in male and female employee numbers from the CSO's Quarterly National Household Survey (tables 2A-2B). In the most recent wave, men make up 55% of all employees in Ireland. If the current rate of job losses by gender continues then men will make up just over 49% of all employees by October 2011. That's 30 months from now.

Back in the USA they are talking about a seismic shift in gender relations and roles as a result of these trends. Trends that are not expected to be reversed even as the economy recovers. Add Ireland's demographic trends to economics trends and pretty soon the fastest growing social network will be 'dads-n-toddlers' groups.


  1. Good post.

    Couldn't agree more with your theory that there's a seismic shift in gender relations going on. This shift is apparent even when we ignore the figures and look at changes in people's behavioural patterns. For example, look at male behaviour with reference to grooming and general metrosexuality.

    Its generally known and accepted that men are more concerned about their appearance these days. Why is this the case? Some of it is down to peer effects, marketing and general cultural changes. But in my humble opinion I think there's some biological changes occuring.

    To put it bluntly - women are becoming more and influential in our society so they can be more selective in their mating patterns. Males realize this and competing more vigourously to find a mate. End result - men using moisturizers.

    It all really goes back to why men are actually on this earth? We used to serve a purpose - hunting (working). But, the last few decades have shown that women can hunt(work) just as well if not better.

    I would like to end this comment by formally welcoming our new women overlords.


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