Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blink and you won't miss it

I've been too busy of late for serious blogging. But not too busy to listen to the occasional podcast. Such as Blink from WNYC: the best pictures on the radio. It's one of those 'I didn't know that' kind-of-things. Apparently we don't blink to keep our eyes moist, rather it seems we blink in order to 'store memories' - a bit like hitting the 'save' button on the word document you are typing.

One Japanese researcher attached electrodes to the upper and lower eyelids of volunteers and got them to watch a movie together. Before too long, 70% of them were blinking at exactly the same time ...

And if you add up all the time our eyes are shut when blinking then an 80 year old will experience two years of their lives with their eyes closed just because of blinking. Weird or what?

Listen here - and do subscribe to the podcast if you're into that kind of thing.

View Full Audio on WNYC


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  2. One good recommendation deserves another... One of my favourite podcasts is Slate's Culture Gabfest

    Slate Culture Gabfest

    perhaps you have heard it before, it's very much an American podcast discussing movies, pop music, cultural events, highbrow, lowbrow with the irrepressibly verbose Stephen Metcalf as the host with two editors from Slate magazine.

    it may or may not be your cup of tea...!

  3. Hadn't come across Slate's Culture Gabfest. Excellent - thanks!


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