Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Turning Chinese

You know things are bad in this country when the Chinese start feeling sorry for us. For example when they start offering free Mandarin lessons to anyone living in Ireland.

Okay, it's really just a clever marketing ploy, with a super-smart combination of SMS/Skype/Facebook and iPhone App teaching solutions.

I wonder could we sell them Irish lessons?

A polite 有劳/ǒuláo​ to those nice folks in China.


  1. We can't even sell Irish lessons to ourselves. Eighty years of hammering it into people has proved nothing.

    Chinese is fun to learn. Its also easier than you would imagine in some ways.

  2. ChinesePOD is actually founded/run by an Irish guy in China.

  3. You should say 谢谢 (xiè xie) rather than "youlao" to the nice people at Chinese Pod.
    Of course if you'd signed up you'd know that already :)
    Their service is great and founded by an Irish guy to boot.


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