Sunday, November 1, 2009

Clutching At Green Shoots

The majority of Irish consumers think that the worst is over for the Irish economy. In October, for the first time since my company started our monthly Economic Recovery Index survey in April, more respondents felt that the economic situation was 'bad but stable or improving' than thought it was 'bad and getting worse'.

A fragile green shoot to be sure, though responses to other questions in the survey suggest a combination of 'public confidence and private pessimism':

1 comment:

  1. Cold comfort to those retailers who are clinging to the hope that there will be a pre-Christmas boost - these figures make me think that consumers are buying into a received wisdom that the macro-picture is one of the economy bottoming out, but this is certainly not being reflected in their individual behaviour - ironic in a way, as we assume that recovery takes place in that micro environment rather than macro.


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