Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some Hope

It is nice to end a dismal year on a positive note.

AIB Bank have come on board to partner my company in developing the AIB-Amárach Recovery Indicator. It builds on earlier work by Amárach and is intended to keep businesses informed about the mood of Irish consumers when it comes to spending, saving and borrowing.

We'll be surveying 1,000 adults every month - combining online and face-to-face methodologies to ensure the results are as representative of the national mood as possible.

Furthermore, the ARI is designed to identify turning points in the economy: and right now we are at one of those points as the majority of people feel the economic situation is bad but stable or even improving. A stark contrast with when we first started measuring attitudes back in April as the chart shows.

You can download the first of the ARI results - for December 2009 - here.

All suggestions for themes/topics/questions that might be usefully addressed in a survey designed to guage trends in consumer behaviour and their impact in turn on the wider economy are welcome.


  1. You invited questions. Alright; question: is it a wise move on your part to enter a business arrangement with a bank that, through its monumental incompetence, has put Ireland's sovereign credit rating in jeopardy, helped to almost exterminate the construction industry, and shown zero ability to do anything except protect the positions of its most useless executives? Be honest, would you employ any of these deadbeats at Amarach if they came looking to you for a job? You have built up an admirable business Gerard and have achieved a great deal: don't let these overpaid knuckleheads drag you down in the same way they dragged the rest of us into the mire.

  2. When I saw comment moderation on this post I thought I'd be deleted, but, fair play, you published the comment.

  3. I've had to moderate comments Hugh because of a horrendous increase in the amount of comment spam ('spamment'?) Mostly in Russian for some weird reason ...


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