Thursday, January 28, 2010

Macro versus Micro

The macro versus micro story of Ireland's recession-recovery cycle continues. My company's latest AIB-Amárach Recovery Indicator for January 2010 shows signs of a sharp improvement in the main recovery indicator - the biggest jump since May last year. For the first time a majority of Irish people expect that 'Ireland will be through the worst of the recession in twelve months time'. It may be seasonal (a 'happy' start to the New Year and all that), we won't know until we've got another year plus of results under our belt.

On the other hand, people are no more relaxed about spending money than they were through most of 2009, and paying off debts is still the main financial priority. Though sentiment might be improving, behaviour will have to change too if 'hope' is to become reality.

More at AIB's website.

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