Saturday, March 13, 2010

Inglorious Bloggers

People who don’t blog and so don't have a pixel trail of every fool thought are not smarter than those of us who have. Instead, they are too dull not to have an interesting idea every day, and too poker-up-the-arse wimpish to express themselves.
He said it, not me: Stumbling & Mumbling on the blogger's fallacy. He sort-of-has-a-point. But that was just my second favourite quote of the day. My number one favourite quote of the day is from Sean Dunne, via Declan Kiberd in today's Irish Times:
The people with money have no balls and the people with balls have no money.
My God, that sounds like market failure. Surely not ...

1 comment:

  1. That typically crass and idiotic quote from Sean Dunne sounds like another of his self-serving excuses for his monumental ineptitude as a so-called 'property developer'. If he hadn't confined most of his borrowings to foreign banks he would without doubt be the number one client of NAMA when they transfer the loans. Luckily, RBS is taking the multi-billion hit on this one, not us, although how long they're going to keep carrying the Dunner is anyone's guess. It's rather fitting that the man who has committed the biggest business balls-up in Irish history should be conversationally obsessed with testicles. Balls indeed!!


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