Thursday, April 1, 2010

Analogy of the Year Award

The winner of the Turbulence Ahead Analogy of the Year Award goes to Peter Bacon for:
Anglo Irish Bank is the Celtic Chernobyl
Easily the best (and scariest) analogy we have come across in a long, long time.

(ht Slugger O'Toole)


  1. Some might say that that analogy is better applied to NAMA.

  2. It's still not up there for the prize of most accurate description, usually ascribed to a London bond dealer: "A building society on 'crack'." In a nutshell, as they say.

    And by the way, why are we still employing anyone at all at the Financial Regulator's office? Apart from Elderfield, not one of them should have had a job from yesterday morning - from the most senior official to the guy who mops the floor. THAT's how you impose discipline in a system that needs to redeem itself.

  3. Great example of analogy! I really like it!
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