Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can We Swap Anglo for Greece?

It's just a thought. If Anglo Irish Bank is on a mission to bail out the nation's troubled businesses - like the Quinn Group - with our taxes then why stop there? In fact, let's cut to the chase: let's use our taxes to bail out an entire country. I'm talking about Greece of course.

Better still: rather than using Anglo to buy Greece, why not do a swap? The various numbers being bandied about to bail out both institutions seem more or less even. So they would get some prime sites in Cavan etc and we would get the home of Socrates and Aristotle, not to mention some really nice islands with a somewhat different weather pattern to our own blessed island. We could even sell it to the Irish taxpayer as a kind of time share deal for the nation.

It's just a thought...


  1. Such a good idea. Irish accents resounding over Greek hillsides, it would be just like that movie with Miley from Glenroe and a Colin Farrell lookalike with blond hair... what was it called again?

  2. Just swap the Government. That way we would be shut of the real cause. If we had to bid higher then throw in the oposition as well and finally top it off with Alan Dukes. Then we could just shut down Anglo and give Greece back to the Greeks.
    Why don't we ignore Greece, do the other bits immediately and just have Mary Mc Aleese helped by hubby run thecountry for a couple of years. We certainly need to do something radical before we get lockedup somewhere as a Nation for reckless trading.


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