Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog Cuttings 06/02010

Ones that caught my attention recently:
  • Homophily: the Internet is an echo chamber - discuss. And they do, over at the excellent FutureTense show on ABC radio. I hadn't even heard of the concept beforehand (a classic sign of homophily perhaps?)
  • The Death Switch: or how to stay in touch with loved ones when you're, well, dead. And no, you don't need to hire a medium (but you do need internet access).
  • The World in 2040: a fascinating view from the UK's Ministry of Defence about the future, including 'strategic shocks' such as a cure for ageing: smart feedback form as well.
  • The Big Pullout: a remarkably insightful post-election analysis of the recent UK general election by the folk at Greenberg Research - could the election of a Tory-led government be the straw that breaks the back of the EU's future?
And finally - after the silliness of the Fine Gael bun fight - a genuine, straight talkin' politician; he'd get my vote, even though it seems very few in the actual election thought the same (ht: Ultonia):

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