Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Horseman Pass By

I was very sorry to learn about the death of Horseman, the blogger behind Ulster's Doomed! - one of my favourite in recent years, and an occasional commentator here on Turbulence Ahead. I never got to meet him, and sadly now I never will. There's a nice tribute to him over at Slugger O'Toole, by the way.

I suspect his nom de plume had something to do with a well known headstone.

My condolences to his partner, children and his wider family.


  1. I have belatedly stumbled on this comment. Any other info that can be pointed to? (I was a regular reader)

  2. You should read the comments over at the Slugger O'Toole post I linked to.

    And as it's in the public domain about Horseman's identity (also revealed in the comments), you can see his short obituary here:


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