Friday, July 16, 2010

You're Killing Me

Even as we're slipping down the international league tables for competitiveness, innovation, standard of living etc, it's nice to know we're punching above our weight when it comes to dying. According the Economist Intelligence Unit, Ireland is the fourth best place in the world to die.

Of course, it's a serious subject (of intense personal interest to us all eventually), and the EIU report does highlight the extent to which there are lots of good things happening in Ireland in terms of end-of-life care and related services. A subject we're going to hear a lot more of in the future (demography and all that). And it's nice to see an area of health policy that Ireland is doing well in, comparatively speaking.

But if all this talk of death is getting you down and you feel like a drink, go easy on the coffee - especially if you are close to your fatal dose of caffeine. That's 80.25 Tall Americanos from Starbucks in my case, apparently. Good thing I'm not that keen on their brew...

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