Friday, September 3, 2010

Here's to Tomorrow

Here's somethng you won't read in an Irish Times editorial: drinking alcohol in moderation is better for you than excessive drinking (obviously) and abstention (less obviously). Specifically:
Controlling only for age and gender, compared to moderate drinkers, abstainers had a more than 2 times increased mortality risk, heavy drinkers had 70% increased risk, and light drinkers had 23% increased risk. A model controlling for former problem drinking status, existing health problems, and key sociodemographic and social-behavioral factors, as well as for age and gender, substantially reduced the mortality effect for abstainers compared to moderate drinkers. However, even after adjusting for all covariates, abstainers and heavy drinkers continued to show increased mortality risks of 51 and 45%, respectively, compared to moderate drinkers. (ht: Overcoming Bias)
So there you go: eat, drink and be merry - for there's a better chance you'll see tomorrow.

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