Saturday, December 18, 2010

Where The Smart People Go

Warning: this is a self-indulgent post. Okay, more self-indulgent than usual.

Christopher Mims has a fascinating post on the 'reading level' of different web sites and blogs. You can now use Google's Advanced Search option to determine whether the content of a given blog or site has a reading level that is basic, intermediate or advanced. In the Reading Level menu select 'annotate results with reading level' and then enter the url of your preferred site in the 'search within a site or domain' box.

So I did: for some of my favourite sites and blogs. Starting with my own it appears that 76% of my posts have an intermediate reading level:

What about some others? for example has a higher share of basic reading content than my own blog:

The Irish Times is decidedly at the 'intermediate reading' level:

Whilst the excellent Irish Economy blog scores much more heavily than my own in terms of 'advanced reading' content:

And the brainiest Irish blog of them all? Why that's the Geary Behavioural Economics Blog, seriously advanced stuff:

Well done lads!

But the only problem with all of the above is that it's very hard to determine what exactly the different reading levels mean. It's a secret Google algorithm sort of thing. I even tried Googling it and all I got was this.

Meanwhile I think I'll stick to the middle lane.

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