Saturday, January 22, 2011


Yesterday I focused on emigration. But let's not forget immigration. The ESRI are forecasting 35,000 immigrants to Ireland over the next two years. As with the emigration statistics the surprising thing is that returning Irish people make up a large proportion of the total number of immigrants (43% last year alone). The same will likely apply to the ESRI's projections for 2011-12.

But there's another angle to immigration we shouldn't overlook. I read recently that American survivalists see Ireland as an ideal retreat locale in the event of TEOTWAWKI (sometimes confused with WTSHTF). Ireland, they tell us, is conservative, rural, armed and an island - so easy to defend.

Some how I can't see Tourism Ireland running with it as a major marketing theme. Pity that, it would make for some fun advertising. And I've got the perfect soundtrack in mind:


  1. What hilarity on that link:
    "The midlands are under-populated – in fact the current population of Ireland is around half that of the mid-nineteenth century."

    Minor historical issue with that being that when the population was at that level, it collapsed rather dramatically because of famine and emigration caused by famine!!!

    I am amused!

  2. WTSHTF, TEOTWAWKI. Two new words for my vocabulary. But HTF do you pronounce them?


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