Monday, February 21, 2011

In Memoriam

Last Friday's excited reaction to the ISEQ Index passing the 3,000 mark was a useful reminder that financial markets have the memory of a gold fish. Today marks the fourth anniversary of the day our little country reached peak wealth. That day was February 21st 2007 when the ISEQ Overall Index reached 10,000. The market value of Ireland's banks alone touched €60 billion. Tales to tell our grandchildren.

Just 7,000 more points to go before we're back to the good old days...


  1. Stock exchanges are more like day-care centres for the bewildered lately.

  2. You state that "our little country reached peak wealth" on February 21st 2007.

    You seem to be spot on, because this is also the month that the Irish housing market peaked, at 139.5 (July 2003 = 100).

    Have a look at this dynamic chart.

  3. @Tony
    Great chart (and handy website) thanks for that.

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