Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quote of The Day

RCs don't do PC apparently:
"Political correctness has become the most deeply entrenched in historically Protestant countries, primarily the nations of Scandinavia and the Anglosphere. Presumably, this can be explained as a manifestation of the sense of Calvinist guilt that has been woven into the cultural fabric and historical memories of Protestant societies. That colonial American Puritanism was a rather extreme manifestation of the Calvinist ethos, and that American left-wing Christianity came about largely as an eclipsing successor of orthodox Calvinism in the American northeast, may help to explain why PC first took root in America and exported itself throughout the Western world the way that it did."
Keith Preston


  1. I'm skeptical about attempts like this to explain our past by reference to residual religious influence. One gets it all the time in the Irish Times. A few weeks ago a columnist suggested that what southern Ireland really needed was for northern Prods to run the banks, as they were supposedly more competent. I'm not sure if savers in the Presbyterian Mutual Society would agree.

  2. *past* should be 'modern day society'


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