Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quote of The Day

Apropos yesterday's post, it seems men are not quite a minority everywhere...

"In China today, according to American Enterprise Institute demographer Nicholas Eberstadt, there are about 123 male children for every 100 females up to the age of 4, a far higher imbalance than 50 years ago, when the figure was 106. In Jiangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, and Anhui provinces, baby boys outnumber baby girls by 30 percent or more. This means that by the time today’s Chinese newborns reach adulthood, there will be a chronic shortage of potential spouses. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, one in five young men will be brideless. Within the age group 20 to 39, there will be 22 million more men than women. Imagine 10 cities the size of Houston populated exclusively by young males.
The question left open by economists is what the consequences will be of such a large surplus of young men. History offers a disquieting answer. According to the German scholar Gunnar Heinsohn, European imperial expansion after 1500 was the result of a male “youth bulge.” Japan’s imperial expansion after 1914 was the result of a similar youth bulge, Heinsohn argues. During the Cold War, it was youth-bulge countries—Algeria, El Salvador, and Lebanon—that saw the worst civil wars and revolutions. Heinsohn has also linked the recent rise of Islamist extremism in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan to an Islamic youth bulge. Political scientists Valerie Hudson and Andrea den Boer warn that China and India could be the next countries to overdose on testosterone."
Niall Ferguson

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  1. China's demographic male bulge is the consequence only of its one-child policy, which has led to mass killing of baby girls, both born and unborn, since only a male can carry on the family name.

    There can be no doubt that China will have to wage an exotic war somewhere in order to dispose of excess, testosterone-crazed penniless male peasants, whether through death in battle or appropriation of foreign females.

    Taiwan is an obvious invasion target, which because of robust defences will incur plenty of (welcome) casualties among male Chinese soldiers, but Taiwan is also short of women.

    Burma might be a better target - plenty of women and natural resources to rape. However military casualties will probably not be severe because the Generals, so deft at suppressing its hapless citizens, will quickly crumble when confronted with the discipline and numbers of the "People"'s "Liberation" (Red) Army.

    Maybe both will be invaded.


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