Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quote of The Day

Brendan O'Neill on the West's politically correct assassination of Osama bin Laden - brilliant:
"In the post-assassination commentary OBL is presented to us as the mighty figurehead of an organisation that posed a mortal threat to Western civilisation. In truth he was always an isolated actor, with little support, no army and few weapons, yet who benefited enormously from Western fears and confusion. It was Western society’s culture of fear that fed and nurtured him; he lived off it, vampire-style. The most powerful weapon in his armoury was not his access to cash or those crazy young guys willing to blow themselves up in his name, but rather the abject willingness of Western governments to change their way of life and panic their peoples in response to his threats and antics.

... What makes the wild celebrations of an unofficial VOBL Day even more bizarre is that in recent years bin Laden’s political and terror cachet had waned enormously: he was even less significant and world-threatening than he had been in 2001. For the past five years at least, maybe even longer, he has been the radical Islamist equivalent of an ageing rock star – a bit like John Lennon when he was tucked away in the Dakota building in the late 1970s, living off past hits and releasing the occasional crap audio recording to satisfy his fans and the tribute acts who made up al-Qaeda’s various terror cells."
 Do read the rest over at Spiked

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