Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet the Grandparents

Desperate times require desperate measures: so should we threaten the French and Germans that we won't look after them when they're old?

The latest Eurostat data shows that Ireland will have the largest percentage growth of any EU over the next half century:

Of course, there'll still be more French (though a lot fewer Germans and Italians) than there are now. But they'll be a lot older - with Ireland retaining its title as one of the youngest populations in Europe (as revealed in another Eurostat report on The Greying of the Baby Boomers):

If the youthful Irish are too busy working to pay back the debt plus interest kindly 'loaned' by our German and French (and British) compatriots, then they'll be less willing and able to look after a rapidly greying Europe.

Of course, a lot can happen in fifty years...


  1. I see three other relatively high growth countries are UK, Sweden and Norway, with growth of 27.3, 23.4 and 35.6 respectively, compared to Ireland's 46.5. However, their growth is principally due not to native births as in Ireland but to immigration and immigrant births, most of it Islamic. Those young Muslims are certainly not going to be slaving away at their desks and factories paying taxes to care for all the decripit old whiteys, much less clean up their vomit and excrement in the nursing homes.

    (Forget Luxembourg and Cyprus at 45 and 41 as they are too small to consider).


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