Monday, August 15, 2011

Young England

There are many reasons for the riots in England. But one in particular has been missed: demography. Yes, there have been numerous references to the age and racial profile of the rioters hooligans protesters, but that's not what I mean. Rather I am referring to the increasing number of young men in England. 

England's population of young men (20-24 year olds in particular) has increased steadily in recent years. In fact, it won't peak until next year, i.e.: 2012. That's not good against a background of economic stagnation and rising unemployment. Ireland, in contrast, saw its total number of 20-24 year males peak back in 2006. That's the main reason for our falling crime rate - despite the recession. That and the excellent work of An Garda Síochána of course, ahem.

The implications are clear enough. For an alarming majority of young English men (and young Irish men for that matter), there is little to no prospect of the three things that will turn them into responsible, older men, namely: jobs, wives and children - ideally in that order. The ongoing collapse of marriage and the absence of any sustainable alternative (now that Peak Government is upon us) will see an entire generation of young men wasted. 

Shops can be prepared and buildings re-built: but lives cannot be relived in the hope of a better outcome.


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