Thursday, November 3, 2011

Occupy Yourself

Quote of the day...
"This is perhaps why everyone running around in V is for Vendetta masks makes me laugh. Moore’s vision of a rebellion against a totalitarian fascist dystopia was predicated on a simple duality: “Us” vs “Them”. The people vs the system and similar tropes. The problem is that an “us” doesn’t exist anymore. As much as anyone who appropriates the anonymous rebel idea wishes to believe they are in league with everyone versus the man/the system/whatever, they’re more likely to be in league with a startling minority of people who happen to believe in a given cause. A cause which is in any event one amongst many." Jack McDonald

1 comment:

  1. Nonsense, the original graphic novel is about the power of an idea. It's even stated in there, "Ideas cannot be killed". The dystopian backdrop is simply a reflection of Moore's railing against thatcherism. The idea is a railing against the systematic co-opting of alternative visions (as is described in Adam Curtis' latest blog post BTW) by the establishment for fun and profit.


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