Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Be Bold

If there is a time for being bold it is now. I've had the great pleasure of working with a team from business, marketing and media backgrounds to get a new job creation initiative off the ground. It's called Hireland and so far we've gotten over 300 jobs pledged by businesses throughout the country since yesterday. Of course, Hireland won't create the jobs: individual Irish men and women running businesses will do that. Like they always do.

The job of every business owner and manager is to navigate their company through uncertainty towards the future. It's still very uncertain out there, but if you've gotten your business this far then there's a good chance you can benefit from an extra pair of hands or someone with fresh thinking to help get more customers and boost staff morale. So if you can, don't wait: pledge a job today...


  1. Great initiative, Gerard. All the best.

  2. Read about this yesterday, Gerard, and visited the website. Wonderful endeavour and just what the country needs right now. I wish you and your colleagues every success.


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