Friday, January 27, 2012

State-Subsidized Banking

Quote of the year so far from Michael Hudson:
Banking has moved so far away from funding industrial growth and economic development that it now benefits primarily at the economy’s expense in a predator and extractive way, not by making productive loans. This is now the great problem confronting our time. Banks now lend mainly to other financial institutions, hedge funds, corporate raiders, insurance companies and real estate, and engage in their own speculation in foreign currency, interest-rate arbitrage, and computer-driven trading programs. Industrial firms bypass the banking system by financing new capital investment out of their own retained earnings, and meet their liquidity needs by issuing their own commercial paper directly. Yet to keep the bank casino winning, global bankers now want governments not only to bail them out but to enable them to renew their failed business plan – and to keep the present debts in place so that creditors will not have to take a loss.
And as NAMA Winelake points out, the ECB is now saving Irish and EU banks the trouble of finding consumer and business borrowers.

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  1. Anybody can subsidize a loan. Depending on the type of loan, it might be a government organization, a charity, or other group. These companies are wise when it comes to profit so they thought of a better strategy.


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