Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Visualizing the Recession

My company has just made available three years' worth of Irish consumer sentiment data going back to May 2009.

We have developed the data visualization interface using the Tableau software, in partnership with Data Analytics. You can read more about it here - details on how to get the full data set (and the free Tableau Reader for viewing offline) also included.

It's a handy of way of seeing how the recession has affected the mood (and pockets) of different segments of the Irish population over the past three years.


  1. As you are an opponent of political correctness, why do you use 'gender' rather than the traditional and perfectly correct 'sex'?

  2. Alas Bill, in these days of corporate firewalls, nanny nets and spam filters, it's better to go for the 'safe' word. But agreed, the English language is turning into Newspeak before our ears...


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