Saturday, June 30, 2012

Maggie vs Marcuse

Quote of the day from Will Davies:
The divorce of ethics from normativity ('68) combined with the divorce of money from material reality ('71) creates the conditions for a frictionless financial culture, in which critics conspired by coining the term 'postmodernism', and in which lying about the price of money is an entirely reasonable and legitimate thing to do. Taking a longer sociological view of the Barclays scandal, the question is not 'why did they do it?', but really, 'why wouldn't they do it?' On what basis, really, did any of us expect pleasure-seeking individuals, far from the disciplining reach of any market, trading paper whose value had nothing to do with utility or human need, to do anything other than manipulate perceptions of that paper's value? How else does paper attain any value, without perceptions being manipulated to some extent? And why, honestly, did anyone believe that individuals, high on the legacy of '68, would manipulate that value for the benefit of the public or mortgage-holders, and not for themselves?
Ah yes, the Sixties: the gift that keeps on giving.

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  1. Boomers, the generation that keeps on taking.


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