Friday, October 12, 2012

Give Peace A Chance

Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.
Gaius Cornelius Tacitus
So the EU has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Should we be worried? As Yves Smith notes, the Nobel Peace Prize is becoming something of a 'contra-indicator', given the experience of a previous winner:
Awarding Obama the prize before he’d done much of anything as President lead to a raft of jokes, such as a Saturday Night Live skit on how Obama had won the prize for not being Bush. 
That award turned out to be not merely a joke but a deep embarrassment as Obama failed to close Gitmo swiftly as promised, expanded the war in Afghanistan, instituted drone attacks in Pakistan, greatly increased the use of covert warfare, and has declared himself to be above the law, with the right to kill any US citizen designated a “suspected terrorist” without due process.
The peace we have known in most of Europe these past few generations has been a glorious (and exceptional) thing. But with the EU stress-testing our continent's peace to possible destruction in the coming years, Yves may well be proved right. So even might Tacitus. I sincerely hope not.

But in keeping with the spirit of the Nobel Prize Committee's new standard for evaluating contributions to peace I'd like to submit a candidate for 2013: marijuana - after all, it's been spreading peace for over 2,700 years...

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  1. Except possibly in the cases where it gives rise to paranoid schizophrenia.


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