Thursday, January 10, 2013

Losing Our Mojo?

The latest Eurobarometer survey on Entrepreneurship in Europe suggests that there's a 'retreat to safety' on the part of Irish workers - the vast majority would rather be employees than self-employed:

We're hardly alone - the report shows that the same trend is evident (and sometimes more pronounced) in other EU countries (and even in the United States).

It's hardly a surprise - like I've said before, entrepreneurship can put your family's wellbeing at risk. So it's no wonder that hundreds of millions of people across Europe and the developed world prefer to let others take the risk while they keep taking the paycheck (while it lasts). We Irish might be losing our mojo - but so it seems is everyone else.

Though here's an interesting thought: what if they gave a recovery and nobody came? Can we have a low/no start-up recovery? Looks like we'll soon find out.

1 comment:

  1. It's not entirely black and white, I am an employee of a start-up, and this has a mid level risk associated with it including pay 'deferrals' and the plain old risk of not making it. But it is a decent bit of work and the upside could be good.


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