Saturday, June 22, 2013

Freedom's Greatest Enemy

I had the great pleasure of meeting Os Guinness recently. In his writings and talks he reminds me of a C  K Chesterton or a C S Lewis. Hence this quote of the day:
The greatest enemy of freedom is freedom. Freedom requires an order, or a framework, and the only appropriate framework for freedom is self-restraint, and yet self-restraint is precisely what freedom undermines when it flourishes.
More here. And here.


  1. That is very true, Gerard.

    Here's a quote that suggests a framework for a certain self-restraint. - From Mikhail Bakunin:

    "How can I be free when my brothers are in chains".

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  3. the greatest enemy of freedom is evil infact evil is the CO2 that squiz life out of freedom. If u murder today u will be apprehended taken to court n sentncd to a life other words if u murder(do evil) freedom will be taken away from you thanks to the life imprisnmnt the only way to safeguard your freedom is by avoiding every kind of evil(1 thesalonian 5:22) by the way the more u move urself towards the good the freer u will b.God bless.


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