Thursday, November 14, 2013


Poor old Minister for Health James Reilly. His latest call to health insurers to not pass on the Government's increased health levy to customers smacks of Obamacare and its many woes.

But there's a solution, he can always take a leaf out of Colorado's advertising campaign for Obamacare - and no, these are not from The Onion:

Apart from signaling another downward spiral in the demise of Western Civilization, the ads also remind us that young people are the useful idiots of community-rated health insurance schemes such as we have in Ireland. Hence the earnest - you might even say, desperate - efforts to sign up young people to Obamacare: like all such Ponzi schemes, it can only keep going if new waves of gullible believers contribute to the scheme.

I wish the Minister the best of luck with his pleading.

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