Friday, March 13, 2015

Ark of Hope

The old joke goes that left-wingers love humanity but hate people; whereas right-wingers hate humanity but love people.  Jean Vanier loves both, and is a deserving winner of this year's Templeton Prize.  Vanier is a Catholic philosopher and founder of the L’Arche communities for the mentally disabled. There are over 130 L'Arche (French for Ark) communities throughout the world - including here in Ireland.

Vanier reminds us that we are all vulnerable at some stage in our lives (especially at the beginning and at the end) - a reality of human existence that binds us all together as human beings.  And while that can be a frightening realisation, it can also be extraordinarily powerful in calling us to live loving, flourishing lives.

But enough of my ramblings - let the good, goodly, Godly man explain it himself:

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